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Marlboro Youth Soccer - SPRING 2021

Hello MYS Families,

As the Spring Activities get underway next week, here are some helpful links:

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Spring Season Update
Hello Marlboro Youth Soccer Community,     ...
COVID-19 Policies - Protecting our MYS Community
Dear Families… This week’s temperatures have all of...
Please Consider Volunteering with Marlboro Youth Soccer
Hello MYS Families… I hope this message finds you well. While...
Volunteer Information
There are several openings on the board, and plenty of areas where...
Field Status
Updated 2020-11-09 9:30 AM Locations Status Ghiloni...
Spring Season Update

Hello Marlboro Youth Soccer Community,


    The great weather recently (today aside) has us all excited for the start of our spring 2021 season.


    Our development director Stefan  together with the division directors have been working on a schedule of activities for the season that allow use to offer clinic based practices and in town games for all non travel team players.  The current schedule can be found here http://www.marlboroyouthsoccer.org/Page.asp?n=119708&org=marlboroyouthsoccer.org .  This schedule was developed to comply with the current covid guidelines.  We cannot predict how things will evolve between now and the end of the season and it is possible that we may need to adjust or alter this to comply with additional restrictions.  But for right now, this will be the schedule we will be following.   


    Having said this, our seasons is set to kickoff on Tuesday April 6th, but the town has not released the fields (Ghiloni and Byrne field) are not available to us.  Until we are able to access these fields (Ghiloni and Byrne on the schedule) ONLY activities at Hillside school are being run.   We will continue to update you as we hear more from the city, but right now we do not expect the fields to be available until the weekend following April 15th. 


    For each session players should bring  a face mask (neck gators are not allowed, it must be a mask that loops around the ear), a bottle of hand sanitizer, and a drink.  For soccer gear players should have a ball (Kindergarteners will be supplied one) , cleats, and shin guards.   Because of covid restrictions only 2 adults will be allowed on the field with each player.  Siblings of players can also attend.  All attendees on the field must wear face masks and be socially distanced from other family groups. A list of the full covid restrictions and policies can be found here http://marlboroyouthsoccer.org/Page.asp?n=120334&org=marlboroyouthsoccer.org


    If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out. 


Thank You


Henry Garcia

by posted 04/01/2021
COVID-19 Policies - Protecting our MYS Community

Dear Families… This week’s temperatures have all of us here at Marlboro Youth Soccer thinking about Spring!

Just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know what precautions our organization is taking this season to help keep our community safe from COVID-19. Like all local youth sports organizations, Marlboro Youth Soccer (MYS) is required to follow protocols established by the Commonwealth’s Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, State governing bodies (Massachusetts Youth Soccer), and the City of Marlborough. At our meeting last night, the MYS Board of Directors approved a set of COVID-19 Policies and Procedures that are inclusive of all of these requirements. The full document is available on our website at http://www.marlboroyouthsoccer.org/Page.asp?n=120334&org=marlboroyouthsoccer.org.

Here are just a few of the policies and procedures that will be in place for our upcoming Spring season:

  • Face masks must be worn by all players, coaches, referees, and spectators --- even during active play. Masks must completely cover the nose and mouth, and loop around a participant’s nose and ears. Gaiters and face shields are not permitted.
  • Spectators are limited to 2 adults (Parents/Guardians or chaperones) and siblings of a player. Spectators must also maintain at least 6 feet of distance between spectator groups.
  • Parents/Guardians and all adult volunteers shall not transport athletes that are not immediate family members. Carpooling is prohibited.
  • Sportsmanship (while always encouraged!) will be touchless --- no handshakes / slaps / fist bumps.
  • Players must bring their own ball, water bottle, towel, and PPE (masks, sanitizer, tissues) to each session.
  • All shared equipment (e.g. cones, goals) will be sanitized before and after all clinics and scrimmages.

Parents and guardians play a critically important role in keeping our community safe. It is very important that you monitor the health of your child for fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of smell/taste, or any other COVID-19 symptoms listed at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/symptoms-testing/symptoms.html. Your child must not come to soccer if they have had contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case in the last 14 days, or are otherwise quarantining under applicable state or local direction. A full list of requirements is available in the MYS COVID-19 Policies and Procedures.

As the MYS COVID-19 Compliance Officer, I invite you to reach out to me directly with any questions, comments, or concerns at . We’re looking forward to an exciting, fun, safe, and healthy season this Spring!

Brian DuPont – VP, Risk Manager, COVID-19 Compliance Officer, Grade 1/2 Co-Director

by posted 03/09/2021
Please Consider Volunteering with Marlboro Youth Soccer

Hello MYS Families… I hope this message finds you well. While Ghiloni Park may still be covered in snow, please know that our Board of Directors is working very hard to prepare for the upcoming Spring soccer season. In light of the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on all of us, development of this Spring’s program is guided by 3 important goals:

  1. Get kids out and playing soccer!
  2. Keep all program participants safe.
  3. Strengthen our MYS community.

We’re excited to offer programs at all age groups this season, and we’ll have much more to say about safety as our State’s guidance continues to evolve... Today I’d like to take a few minutes to talk with you about being part of our community. As many of you may know, our program is run exclusively by volunteers. All of our coaches, Directors, and other volunteers give up a small bit of their time each week during the Spring and Fall seasons to provide a safe and fun environment for our kids to learn the game of soccer. For me, that started 6 years ago when my son first joined our Kindergarten program, and since that time I’ve found coaching to be an extremely rewarding way to spend time with my kids and to meet many other families and friends in our City.

This Spring’s program might look a bit different from years past, but one thing that’s clear is that our need for adult volunteers will be greater than ever before. In addition to our regular needs for coaches and assistant coaches, each team is required to have a COVID-19 coordinator to oversee compliance with State, local, and our own organization’s health and safety protocols. As a Board, we’re committed to giving you all of the resources and support you’ll need to volunteer in any capacity, and we’re working with our new partners (the Boston Bolts soccer club) to update practice plans, organize clinics, and provide direct instruction to new coaches. So if you’ve ever considered volunteering with Marlboro Youth Soccer and joining our organization, now is a great time to do so… a time when our kids and our community need some healthy outdoor activities the most.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at with any questions about volunteer opportunities and/or requirements. One of our most immediate needs is help in translating documents, so that we can better support our Portuguese- and Spanish-speaking members.

I look forward to warmer Spring temperatures and a chance to meet each and every one of you soon!

Brian DuPont – VP, Risk Manager, COVID-19 Compliance Officer


by posted 03/02/2021
Volunteer Information

There are several openings on the board, and plenty of areas where volunteers can help out the soccer community.  If you are interested in becoming more involved, let us know.

  • Team / Field Covid Coordinators: Each team / clinic session will be required to have a team coordinator that takes attendance and helps keep our Community within the guidelines.  Has direct tie to Compliance Coordinator, Brian DuPont.
  • Coaches: Each team will be required to have 2-3 Coaches.  Coach Training and Certification Reimbursement provided.  Has direct tie to their age division director and the Development Director, Stefan Hudzikiewicz.
  • Refs: We have need for referees at all age groups.  Training and Certification provided.  Has direct tie to the Referee Assignor, Andy Lucas.
  • Board: We have need for multiple board positions.  Has direct tie to the President, Henry Garcia.

If you are interested in volunteering for anything, please email any one of the above mentioned people for assistance.  (Board of Directors Emails)

by posted 11/10/2020
Field Status

Updated 2020-11-09 9:30 AM

Locations Status
Ghiloni Front 1 (G1/2) Closed
Ghiloni Front 2 (G3/4) Closed
Ghiloni Front 3 (G3/4) Closed
Ghiloni Front 4 (G5/6) Closed
Ghiloni Front 5 (G1/2) Closed
Ghiloni Back (G5/6) Closed
Millham (G5/6) Closed
Hillside (KG) Closed
Byrne (G8) Closed
Whitcomb MS Turf (G8) Closed
MHS Bauks Turf (G8) Closed
Kelleher (G8) Closed


Simple rules of thumb:

  1. The City can close the fields or leave it to the MYS discretion. 
  2. If left to MYS:
  • Weekdays - Status is updated on the website by 3pm.
  • Weekends - Early Games - Status is updated by 7am for all games before 12:00 noon.
  • Weekends - Afternoon Games - Status is updated by 11am for all games at or after 12:00 noon. 
  1. Coaches and Referees may also cancel events if:
     - the weather turns bad
     - there are puddles / standing water in multiple areas on your field
     - otherwise unsafe conditions.

    Click here for the full Field Status Process


by posted 11/09/2020
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