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The MYS Board has decided to run a Coach of the Month award program to recognize and reward those coaches that go above and beyond.

We accept nominations from anyone for your Coach or another MYS Coach that you see do something exceptional.

Previous Winners:
October Cori Ketchi
September Andy Lucas
August Stefan Hudzikiewicz
July Roger Barnum
June Bruce Kaminski
May Paula Lambert
April Paul Munchmeyer/Amy Rowe-Castoldi


Cori Ketchi

Coach Cori is very dedicated to her team and is always fully engaged. She is able to build a rapport with the players and able to communicate with them in a way that they understand. Cori is coaching 3 teams this season and the last couple of weeks of the season not only does she have the regular 3 games but also has an indoor game for team she’s taking indoors for the winter.

Andy Lucas

Andy keeps the team very well informed of the games and practices. He truly loves the game and ensures the kids work hard but also have fun. He is a good combination of tough and nice with all the kids. Andy teaches the kids to work as a team and to respect each other as well as the opposing team. In addition to coaching Andy is also a referee and is on the MYS Board as a Division Director.

Stefan Hudzikiewicz

Stefan Hudzikiewicz received nominations from 3 people so I have taken excerpts from each. I've been watching him coach for many years and have refereed a few of his games this year…..He is terrific with his players. He teaches tactics and skills but really excels at bringing out the confidence in young female players. Coach Stefan has coached this set of girls for a couple of seasons and they love him! He is a kind, fun loving coach who always has the girls’ interests at heart. He doesn't care if they win or lose as long as they try their best and work hard doing it! He says, "He is a soccer nerd", but really he's just a coach who loves soccer and wants to share what he loves with a group of young ladies who are willing to listen. This is the last year of playing MYS for some of these girls and this would be the ultimate THANK YOU to Coach Stefan from the U14 Girls Squad and Parents! He has made them better players and people! Stefan has strong communication skills with players and parents!! He is amazing with the girls; he knows their strength and weaknesses and is always trying to improve them in a positive and constructive way!!

Roger Barnum

Roger I nominate Coach Roger Barnum of the co-ed U8 team. Coach Barnum stepped up to take on coaching when the prior coach moved on. He is a very busy guy who travels for work but he makes time for practice and games. He has a very positive coaching style and encourages the players for the things that they do well. Additionally, he has taught the players that if the other team is rough, the way to respond is to dig in and play better, not to retaliate. In a second nomination for Roger, …one of the girls on his U8 team who has had some difficult times but stayed involved in soccer because of the extra time and encouragement from Roger. She has started to come out of her shell and after having scored her first goal said "Thank you, Coach Roger...without you teachin' me how to do that, I never could've ". A lovely double negative from a thankful little gal.

Bruce Kaminski

Bruce I believe Bruce Kaminski deserves to be Coach of the Month, if not Coach of the decade! Even though he doesn’t have a child involved in MYS these days, he continues to devote his time, as he has for many, many years, to the youth of Marlborough. Kids who have played under him should feel very fortunate to have had Bruce as their coach. Bruce is incredibly organized, keeping families up to date with game and practice reminders, any field or time changes, directions to the games, making sure everyone has a ride, and sending follow up emails after games. He has rarely missed a game or practice in all these years. He is the first to arrive and the last to leave the field. …… the end of the season has always ended with either a fun group outing where he has invited the families, and treats the kids, to see a Revolution Game, or has entered them into the Revolution 4 v 4 Tournament at Gillette Stadium. Bruce has gone above and beyond for my son and many others, and I am truly grateful.

Paula Lambert

Well for starters Coach Paula is fire power! She is small in stature but big on delivery. She possesses every quality a great coach should have such as: knowledge - know the athletes (strength/weakness), consistency, endurance, and effective communication. A great coach should be a leader with great coaching skills to guide, inspire and empower an athlete or team to achieve their full potential. In the beginning of the season our team lost to many teams, but as the season progressed, the team began to grow as a team not only winning, but winning against teams that had beaten them before. Coach Paula has displayed just that. She is by far one of the best coaches my daughter has had the privilege to have.

Paul Munchmeyer/Amy Rowe-Castoldi

Our first winner actually comes from a “nomination”/email I received from the Dover-Sherborn President. She wanted me to know what great sportsmanship Paul Munchmeyer had shown at their game. When I spoke to Paul he was very quick to let me know that Amy Rowe-Castoldi and he were a coaching team. They had a choice during the first game of the season and their decision had a positive impact on all. The team was set to play Dover-Sherborn on Saturday, April 8th and it ended up that DS only had 6 players. Although Marlborough did not have to play with less on the field, Coach Paul offered to play short as well and the other team was exceptionally grateful. It was a competitive game down to the end with a 2-1 score, DS with the win, but in the end - the REAL winner was everyone involved - a great example of a coaching and solid sportsmanship!