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Board of Directors Job Descriptions
Chief Executive of Organization. Responsible for chairing General Meetings, Board Meetings and other miscellaneous meetings. Represents MYS at various soccer related functions as appropriate. Responsible for setting tone and charting future directions (strategic role)
  • Responsible for the smooth running of the league, and ensuring that all Board members are performing their jobs adequately.
  • Responsible for smooth functioning of all home MYS soccer games. This includes inspecting fields for safety, making sure goals are anchored, and monitoring appropriate coaching and parental conduct. These functions can be delegated but are the ultimate responsibility of the president.
Vice President
Assist the President in performing his/her duties. Hear complaints from parents when not given a good answer by the President. Cover MYS meetings when President not present.
Chair Scholarship Committee
  • Mail out applications to high school principal
  • Talk to Guidance Dept. to make sure it is announced in school
  • Pick winners for scholarships
  • Mail notification to high school principal by May 15
            Responsible for managing league's finances and annual reports.
  • Sends out notifications and agenda of all meetings.
  • Keeps accurate minutes of all meetings and distributes same accordingly.
  • Track items for consideration or action by committees.
  • Maintain current lists of board members and coaches.
Field Coordinator
  • League representative to Youth Sports Field Liason and the Marlborough Recreation Department.
  • Coordinate our field requests
  • Obtain field permits for game and practice fields.
  • Schedule practice fields for all teams except Kindergarten teams.
  • Schedule home games and make-up games for all teams except Kindergarten teams.
  • Ensure that the fields are in playable condition by 3pm during the week and by 7am and 11am on Saturdays
  • Coordinate with vender to ensure timely delivery and pickup of portable restrooms at the fields without bathrooms
  • Coordinate field setup and cleanup
            Maintain records of all players for Marlboro Youth Soccer using the MYS web site and database.
            Check the post office box regularly
            Check registrars voice mail regularly and respond to all questions or direct to appropriate individual
            Coordinate fall and spring registratio
            Newspaper needs 3 week notice to place ads
            Maintain registration forms and information at library and recreation department
            Submit player lists and fees Mass Youth Soccer
            Provide timely registration status to player agents through out registration period
            Shall keep track and disseminate coaching applications to the appropriate player agents
            View birth certificates of all new players
            Collect all appropriate fees and turn money over to Treasurer
            Print and sign rosters for BAYS teams.
            Print and sign pass cards for appropriate teams
Purchasing Agent
            Responsible for purchasing all uniforms and equipment needed by the league.
            Responsible for gathering the purchasing information from the appropriate player agents.
Development Director
            Coordinate, organize, and disseminate any and all information pertinent to clinics, instruction, courses, publications, etc. for coaches.
            Provide communicate between MYS and various outside soccer training organizations such as Bulldogs/Renegades and NE Revolution.
            Organize F and E licensing courses for MYS coaches on any annual basis as needed.
            Together with other selected board members, choose the coaches, if and when more than one person has applied for a particular position.
Director (U12 and up)
            Shall solicit coaches and organize teams for appropriate leagues and divisions as defined in the MYS coaching selection and team placement policies, in coordinate with BAYS and Assabet coordinators.
            Shall be the primary contact to coaches in their age group for all league information
Director (U10)
            Shall determine number of BAYS travel teams, solicit coaches and players for in coordinate with BAYS coordinator.
            Shall solicit coaches and organize balanced teams for in house league of non-BAYS players.
            Shall make up and distribute in-house league schedule in coordinate with Field Coordinator.
            Shall organize non-results oriented tournaments as appropriate. Trophies or medals may be awarded.
Director (U8)
            Shall solicit coaches and organize balanced teams for in house league.
            Shall make up and distribute schedule.
            Shall assign and organize practice schedule.
            Shall solicit and schedule associate referees for all in-house games.
            Shall coordinate an in house non-results oriented tournament in the middle of the season (trophies are awarded in the fall and medals in the spring)
Referee Director
            Shall schedule referees for all at home games.
            Shall coordinate all referee training.