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Marlboro Youth Soccer's FALL 2022 Registration


Registration Quick Links:

Program Season
Start Date
Registration Link
Kindergarten  $110.00  $0.00




Grade 1 $110.00  $0.00


09/09/2022 Boys Grade 1 Girls Grade 1
Grade 2 $110.00  $0.00


09/09/2022 Boys Grade 2 Girls Grade 2
Grade  3/4 $110.00  $0.00 06/30/2022 09/09/2022 Boys Grade 3/4 Girls Grade 3/4
Grade 5/6 &
Grade 7/8
$125.00  $0.00 06/30/2022 09/09/2022 Boys Grade 5/6 Girls Grade 5/6
Boys Grade 7/8 Girls Grade 7/8
HS Travel Program $110.00  $0.00 08/31/2022 09/09/2022 Boys HS Girls HS

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More details for each program can be found here. ​

A few Important notes on the registration process:

  • Players must register online, even if the fee is paid later by check. If at all possible, please pay online using a credit card. 
  • You do not have to pay immediatly in order to register.  The payment deadline date will be some time in the 2021 and clearly communicated.
  • During registration you will be asked whether your phone numbers and email address should be "public," "roster" or "private." Please choose either “Public” or “Roster.” 
  • If your player has NEVER played for Marlboro Youth Soccer before: After you register online, please submit a copy of your child’s birth certificate to MYS, PO Box 504, Marlboro, MA 01752
  • Please volunteer!  We need Coaches and Covid Compliance Officers to make teams work.
  • Our Full Registration Policy can be found by clicking the link

When registering:

  • NEW USERS --> Enter your email address (the one you will use for soccer) and subsequently you will be e-mailed a password with which to log in.
  • NEW USERS --> PARENTS - Please create an account for yourself first.
  • NEW USERS --> Once completed, click "Add Participants".  This is where you enter your child(ren).  Participants are players you wish to register.

*** Full Details for each Program BELOW ***


This registration programs is only for sponsors. 

For Sponsor's, you will need to create a member record. You can use an individual's name or fit your business name into the First and Last name fields.

Base Cost: $300.00

Opened: 05/01/2021